Who is Liz (And why should I care?)

If you love a pet, you're going to want to know who Liz Blackman is. The short answer is that she's the founder and president of Help4Pets, Inc. and a leader in the world of pet safety with more than 20 years of experience and thousands of cases under her belt. 

But you should also know she can think like a dog when one is missing so he/she can be found quickly. And she'll be the first to admit she can be a terrier on a pant leg when it comes to a cause she believes in; helping pets is one of them. 

Guided by the belief that it's a lot less painful, and less expensive, to learn from other people's mistakes, she's made it her life's mission to share what she's learned with pet parents everywhere. Her advice could save your pet's life; she really hopes you'll listen.

We could go on about Liz's incredible credentials and her dogged dedication when it comes to helping pets. Instead, we thought we'd turn to some of the people who see her every day and know her in ways that others may not - her neighbors. We asked them, "Who is Liz in 100 words or less?"

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"Kids and dogs love her and they pretty much always know who's good and who isn't."

Claire (three doors away)

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